Bio / Photographer Statement

Zachary Wakeman is a nature photographer based in Central New York.  Growing up hiking and camping in the woods of the Adirondack and Tug Hill regions of upstate New York instilled in Zach a passion for nature. 

In 2005, Zach had something of an epiphany while in the mountains of Alaska's Glacier Bay National Park; never good with words, Zach felt that by taking up photography, he could better express the beauty of the wild places he experienced.

It has been a long process, with much trial and error, and missed photographs along the way.  Fittingly, Zach has wound up honing his craft in the region that first sparked his passion for nature.       

Zach used a Canon digital camera and lenses, a tripod, and a couple of filters as the tools to capture the images on this site.  Although luck is an inherent component of many good photographs, many more are the result of being in the right spot at the right time and this often takes a lot of work. 

Many of the images on this site were taken only after a long hike, an overnight trip, research, enduring harsh weather, hours in a blind, or a combination of these.  This is all part of the enjoyment for Zach, who tries to get out in the field as often as possible.

Part of using a digital camera requires that they are processed using the "digital darkroom".  Zach uses CS4 to make the basic adjustments such as exposure, shadow/highlights, and sharpening.  Zach doesn't use HDR techniques or alter his images to misrepresent the scene as he saw it. 

Many techniques are available now in photographic software that eliminate the use of tools such as the graduated neutral density filter and polarizer.  Being a bit "old school" as far as digital photography goes,  Zach prefers to use his filters which eliminates time spent behind a computer screen. 

It is Zach's goal for his images to replicate the scene as he saw it at the moment the shutter snapped. It is Zach's hope that his images may inspire others to get out and enjoy nature.  Be it a walk in the woods, putting out a bird feeder, or even becoming a member of a conservation organization.


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